Friday, March 14, 2008

New Thing #355: Lash Potatoes

I've been involved in theater on and off my entire life. I did the obligatory suburban children's theatre, summer nerdy arts camp in the woods and high school drama club and minored in theatre in college. But I was also a flat-chested shrimp for a lot of that time, and I didn't play a girl character until I was 19. Even then, it was Shakespearean faeries and grandmothers and crazy neighbors. I wasn't a leading lady type, and I never got cast in a sexy role. So it was for the first time that I wore false eyelashes.My sister used to carry them as a makeup bag staple for ballet performances, but I myself never had cause to wear them, even for Halloween. They always seemed complicated and superfluous. I found that they are complicated, superfluous and FABULOUS. So fab, in fact, that my normal hair seemed unable to do them justice and I had to top off the look with a luscious wig.


Wanda said...

We need an open-eyes shot to see what they actually looked like!

Elaine said...

Did you wear this FAB look around all day (or evening) to make naked-eyed, gals with not so luscious hair envious?? :)