Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Thing #357: Flop Design

Easter is next week, and what would Easter be without a hat? Answer: Regular. Today I made a top hat out of duct tape. It did not turn out well because as I've mentioned before, I am not crafty. I do try though, and that was the important part. I used a template I found on my beloved WikiHow. While I found the creation of the 'duct tape fabric' calming and easy and fun, not to mention the source of a billion ideas for duct outfits, the rest of it was tricky. You're supposed to create concentric circles for the top and the brim using the shaft as a template, but when the template is lumpy and amorphous, so are your concentric circles. Ah, art. If anyone out there needs a cartoonishly tall top hat for a play about Lincoln, I'm your woman.

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