Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Thing #360: Best Shot!

I'm writing this from the comfort of my bed, which seems like heaven after I learned how to box. It's appropriate that "class" rhymes with "ass," because that is what it kicked of mine. Man, this is an intense workout! Boxing lady Kristina warned me of this when she invited me to join her, so I wasn't surprised. But MAN. It was in the middle of the day, so I had to try to stay upright at work afterwards- that and the subway ride home were mighty challenges. The class starts off with shadow boxing, which sounds simple unless your form sucks, which mine did until Kristina and awesome instructor Tony helped me correct it. Then there are squat thrusts, jumping jacks, pushups, sparring, bobbing, weaving and running. And feeling like a total badass.

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Tony Powell said...

I think the next new thing is obvious: Challenge George Foreman to a fight.