Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Thing #361: Barish knock-off

I love ballet. I love everything about it- the artistry, the music, the passion, but mostly the costumes. In the three or so different 8-week classes I took growing up, I never got to wear anything more sophisticated than a crew-neck blue leotard and a dance belt. Forget the fancy tutus and Swan Lake-white camisoles. You only get to wear those if you have significant talent as a ballerina, and I never did. So today I danced around in a fancy tutu and a Swan Lake-white camisole. I got to do it in a real dance studio with real dancers. They were all in yoga pants and tanks, but were SO nice about letting me indulge my fantasy. I took frequent water breaks just so I would get to wander around the studio hallways in my amazing outfit. One lady in the bathroom wistfully sighed that she wished she could wear something about that. I forgot to tell her that she totally could!


Anonymous said...

Oh this has always been my dream too!!!! I'm so jealous!

annie :) said...

I've always wanted to do this too! People would totally know I'm a fake though, too many fatty parts ;) It'd still be fun though!!!!