Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is cheesy...

...but necessary. And totally heartfelt.
A giant thank you to everyone who helped with, suggested, inspired and cheered this year-long project. It was a long, crazy and not always easy year, but your support made it an incredible one.

Kevin Danenberg (my loving sounding board, photographer, videographer, donor and teacher)
Mom and Dad
Amanda Allan
Kristina Sepulveda
Maddy Mako
Cat Kemp
Kirk Damato
Kathleen MacNeil
Joseph and Susan Synder
Jim, Elga and Blue
Dan, Heather and Ramsay
Nicole Lapin
Angela and Matt DeVoe

Everyone at PT and GP (especially Amy, Alina, Alex and Sharon)

Glennis McMurray
Liz Black
Robyn Sklaren
Eliza Skinner
Dave Warth
Michelle Dobrawsky
Michele Laikowski
George Foreman
Louie Pearlman
Erin Rose Foely
Lynn Bixenspan
Katina Corrao
Noah Scalin
Mark Lee
Alan Fessenden
Caton Clark
Rachael Mason
Val Bashura
Sean Taylor
Tony Carnevale
Terry Jinn
Lauren Gilchrist
The Danenberg Family
The Snatchlebees
Jen Hammaker
Stef and Roy
Dance Dance Party Party
Sandwich Guy
Andrea and Peter Harnish
Dyna, Bill and Cakey
Carolyn Castiglia
Angela DeManti
Jodi Skeris
Ben Healy
Karen and Zach
Chris O'Neil
Christina Casa
C. LeMar McLean

And everybody who ever read, linked to, commented on, wrote about, mentioned or laughed with this blog. I couldn't have done this without your overwhelming support and inspiration.


heidisjourney2thirty said...

i'm so sad...i've looked forward to your blog every day! but tomorrow my journey begins!

Mark said...

Big congrats girl!!

I'll miss what's new out there!

Take care!

JeanAnne said...
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karen said...

happy birthday. it's been fun to read your adventures. welcome to the 30s- it just keeps getting better.

Kathleen said...

Ain't no thang!

I loved helping you achieve your 365 days of newness, and you're the same lovely splashy Noody but MUCH more accomplished!