Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is fun! Slow video, but fun- it's an update of the CNN piece I did in October last year. My hair looks weird. I talk about doing new things for a month in August. Enjoy.
(I just realized there's no sound. I'll fix it later. I'm sleepy.)

Updated again- on this one the sound just sucks. But the old interview is here.

Monday, July 7, 2008

More New on the way!

In the three months since my year-long project ended, I've been catching myself saying things like, "one of the New Things I never got to do was..." and "I meant to do that as a New Thing..." So rather than just pass them over forever because I didn't do them before I turned thirty, I'm going to give myself a new excuse to do them. I decided today that August will be New Summer, meaning I'll do one thing I've never done before every day in August.
Welcome back, New!

Some stuff on the list:
-Engrave a sterling guitar pick
-Sing on top of a grand piano while wearing a red dress
-Surround myself with stuffed animals like E.T.
-Play Wii (No! I still haven't yet! Long story!)

The master list...

1 Woke up in a new apartment
2 Helped a pregnant woman who passed out on the subway
3 Did a performance of Blue Man Group on my lunch break
4 Wrote a letter for a stranger and left it on a park bench under a rock
5 Learned to write my name in Chinese
6 Took a shower with my clothes on

7 Skipped an entire city block
8 Took a nap under my desk with my coat as a blanket,
9 Wrote a love letter to Kevin in pig Latin
10 Went to the main branch of the New York public library,
11 Taught my coworker’s dog how to do my job
12 Raced a baby
13 Got in touch with an old friend through My Space
14 Played, beat and lost to myself in Scrabble
15 Took a sweat nap
16 Learned all about Pranayama breathing
17 Went to Al-Anon
18 Wrote Punky Brewster fan fiction
19 Conducted scientific experiments on Peeps
20 Played theatre games in the park with a hundred people
21 Watched the film Babel
22 Created a stack of books as tall as I
23 Took over for my company’s receptionist for an hour
24 Rode in a pedicab
25 Speed-read ‘Middlemarch’
26 Went to an art gallery opening
27 Cut someone else’s hair
28 Read someone’s palm
29 Made my own organic foot lotion
30 Crushed a can on my forehead
31 Got diagnosed with a liver condition (and had fun with the urine sample)
32 Learned the Italian national
33 Read a poem in a public school
34 Took a yoga class
35 Did a 24-hour urine test
36 Made an online shopping cart worth $100,000 dollars
37 Took a self-guided tour of Fordham

38 Saw ‘Dirty Dancing’ on the big screen
39 Read a complete book of the Bible
40 Had the MTA refund my Metrocard balance
41 Made my face out of a potato, lunch meat, and vegetables
42 Rode the cyclone at Coney Island
43 Won a Kentucky derby pool at work and bought everyone donuts
44 Had dinner in my cousin’s new neighborhood
45 Tried to pay a dinner bill for stranger
46 Tried to find a friend’s stolen stuff on eBay
47 Performed ‘Beat It’ onstage at Galapagos
48 Ate frogs’ legs
49 Built Ikea furniture
50 Tried to cut the peel of an apple in one slice
51 Visited Roosevelt Island (by tram!)
52 Turned the cube in Astor Place
53 Hosted a dance party in my office
54 Gave a lottery scratcher to a homeless guy
55 Bought a My Little Pony
56 Flew a toy helicopter in the basement of my building
57 Met George Foreman
58 Walked a mile in someone else’s shoes
59 Took a bartending class
60 Became a democrat.
61 Saw Blondie play live at the Today show
62 Went to my aunt and uncle’s new house
63 Ate at Balthazar
64 Introduced my parents to my boyfriend’s parents
65 Played online poker
66 Bought a Mister Softee cone
67 Adopted an endangered species (blue footed boobie)

68 Ate lunch in the HBO commissary
69 Ate in an automat
70 Went to a 24-hour drum festival
71 Used a digital multimeter to measure environmental resistance
72 Stood in line to get into a sample sale at the crack of dawn
73 Sent someone an oven mitt for being my 15,000th visitor
74 Did interpretive dance to the sounds of construction outside my office
75 Went to a roller derby match
76 Made my own hair conditioner out of food
77 Got certified in CPR
78 Learned how to make a purl stitch
79 Cleaned my bathroom floor with a toothbrush
80 Went with friend to a “silent party”
81 Carried a bowling ball on the subway
82 Wore a moustache to dinner
83 Walked around in an empty pool
84 Sat on a rock and watched the same ant carry stuff for an hour
85 Started an entry on Wikipedia,
86 Took the M train
87 Plunged my arm into a scalding washing machine
88 Signed a petition for a cleaner New York City
89 Made oobleck,
90 Made a house of cards
91 Wrote a fan letter to an author,
92 Played an orphan in a cartoon stage show
93 Wore a suit to work
94 Rubbed the Wall Street bull
95 Appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and won $25,000
96 Made a donation to animal rescue
97 Walked across the Williamsburg Bridge

98 Test drove a unicycle
99 Wrote blindfolded.
100 Ate nothing but candy for an entire day
101 Walked a dog in Central Park,
102 Designed my own shoes
103 Scrambled the letters (like that Cambridge study)
104 Played Mbria
105 Watched kids play basketball in the park
106 Frolicked in the stream of a broken fire hydrant
107 Finished a sudoku puzzle
108 Bought ten tickets to opening night of a movie
109 Rolled myself up in an area rug
110 Gave Kevin champissage
111 Made Kool-Aid pickles
112 Went for a run in the rain
113 Changed screw-on lightbulbs
114 Let an artist make a skull out of my hand
115 Got my not-eyebrows waxed (ahem)
116 Took a one-hour walk at the whim of all the stoplights
117 Deposited a check for $25,000
118 Went to a birthday party for 90-year-old twins
119 Sang happy birthday in church
120 Jumped into a pool with my clothes on
121 Went to a holistic doctor
122 Ate gelato
123 Had breakfast on my parent’ balcony
124 Saw my sister in a play I also was in
125 Saw all of 125th street
126 Simpsonized myself
127 Took herbal supplements
128 Rode around in a chair outside
129 Triple rolled my tounge
130 Worked a WNBA game at Madison Square Garden
131 Made a photo and pencil holder out of office supplies
132 I played a game of washers
133 Made mixed CDs as a surprise for several friends
134 Took a belly dance class
135 Got fitted for bras
136 Ate a meal with my hands
137 Made a skull out of laundry
138 Ate organic baby food
139 Went to Camden Yards
140 Castrated a calf
141 Went to Musical Monday at a gay bar
142 Entered a poetry contest
143 Lifted 15-pound weights
144 Wore pajamas to dinner and a show
145 Made a customer service rep listen to MY hold music (me singing “Xanadu”)
146 Cut honey out of a honeycomb
147 Cut up a tree with a chainsaw
148 Wrote a letter of appreciation
149 Went to Bowery Ballroom
150 Made a lamp
151 Made balloon animals
152 Swam at Le Parker Meridien
153 Walked through Harlem
154 Memorized the military alphabet
155 Went to a staged reading of a movie
156 Made my own clothes out of curtains
157 Brushed my teeth in an elevator
158 Broke a lightbulb by stepping on it
159 Carved a heart out of soap

160 Launched a rocket with my foot
161 Played trivia in a bar
162 Studied at Columbia
163 Made a reading haven in the bathtub
164 Made a slip out of a t-shirt
165 Fit myself into a drawer
166 Played the Great Dalmuti
167 Got buried in sand up to my neck
168 Go-go danced on a bookshelf
169 Hung laundry on an old-timey line
170 Listened to a book on tape
171 Hit balls at a batting cage
172 Bought a lotto ticket
173 Threw a smoothie party
174 Saw John Williams conduct his own works
175 Folded fancy napkins
176 Put 100 emergency dollars in the freezer
177 Edited an interview the President of Finland
178 Read Beowulf
179 Dyed my foot purple
180 Had a tarot card reading
181 Saw Rilo Kiley at Webster Hall
182 Learned happy birthday in several languages as well as “I like cake” in German
183 Threw money off a roof
184 Wrote in someone else’s blog
185 Broiled a salmon
186 Went to a Barack Obama rally
187 Played chess
188 Painted pictures in the park

189 Went to a Medieval Faire
190 Saw a musical about Jesus robots
191 Joined Facebook
192 Learned an easy card trick
193 Visited a sukkah
194 Took a walk with neighbor Judy
195 Went to White Plains
196 Scored a baseball game
197 Sold flamingoes on eBay
198 Counted my steps for a day
199 Ate like a vegan for a day
200 Used an old-timey washboard
201 Sat on a yoga ball
202 Walked with a marching band
203 Pet a grasshopper
204 Peeled and ate a banana with my feet
205 Got a henna tattoo
206 Made sandwiches shaped like stars a la Cher in Mermaids,
207 Gave a man a pedicure
208 Did an interview for CNN via sattelite
209 Interviewed a dog
210 Went to the Chelsea high line
211 Played jacks
212 Served as a lifeline on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire”
213 Teleconferenced
214 Made a crossword puzzle
215 Served drinks in a restaurant
216 Learned a Moroccan folk song
217 Walked around town wearing a ponyhawk
218 Started a swear jar
219 Carved jack-o-lanterns out of fruit
220 Dressed up as a Blue Man

221 Ate steak at Morton’s
222 Sat on the stage at a Broadway show
223 Thanked a subway conductor
224 Donated anti-malaria bed nets
225 Ate ribs
226 Sent a care package to a lady soldier
227 Listened to a whole rap album
228 Wore a leopard print coat
229 Ordered from an underground menu
230 Clipped a bonsai tree
231 Took apart and cleaned and reassembled a trumpet
232 Made grilled cheese with my iron
233 Called Japan
234 Had drinks at the Algonquin
235 Ate mulberries
236 Hit someone in the face with a pie
237 Held my breath and walked from one Starbucks to another
238 Started a book proposal
239 Gave an interview for South African radio
240 Tried to charge my iPod with an onion
241 Resewed a hem by hand
242 Played a haunted house game
243 Took my own blood pressure
244 Used an electric toothbrush
245 Ate breakfast for dinner
246 Drove a car on the East Coast
247 Did the Bloody Mary thing in a dark bathroom
248 Went to a vibraphone class
249 Met with an agent
250 Visited a speakeasy

251 Uploaded a video of me lip-synching to YouTube
252 Went to a SAG movie screening
253 Went to a magazine launch party
254 Bought a skateboard
255 Named my body parts. Left hand Bob.
256 Made a JibJab video of me and my sister disco dancing
257 Took the Scientology stress test in Penn Station
258 Rode the subway in the railfan position
259 Googled and was freaked out by Ron Paul
260 Fit an iPod in my mouth
261 Took a shower using dish soap
262 Learned the Notre Dame fight song
263 Ate fruitcake
264 Watched an episode of TV’s Batman
265 Went to a party in Allen Ginsburg’s apartment
266 Watched a movie on an iPod
267 Cleaned my microwave with a lemon
268 Organized my sock drawer by color
269 Played a flight simulator
270 Read the New York Post
271 Made collar stays
272 Got stranded in Chicago
273 Beheld a leg lamp
274 Used a bellows
275 Napped under a Christmas tree
276 Surveyed Southern California fire damage
277 Visited the kitchen of a restaurant
278 Turned onto a new road
279 Watched Ratatouille
280 Complained to an airline
281 Wore a lampshade on my head

282 Made matchstick rockets
283 Polished my shoes with a banana,
284 Went to a memorial at the New York Philharmonic
285 Spit in public
286 Made and used a can-and-string phone
287 Picked the Spanish option on an ATM
288 Got someone to turn down their music on the subway
289 Drank coffee out of an unreasonably large mug
290 Watched tv in a cab
291 Scootered
292 Made an approval matrix
293 Sniffed art
294 Made a Broadway mix for a dance class
295 Took the Mensa test
296 Wrote a time capsule letter
297 Made scary tape faces
298 Took a Rorschach test
299 Watched a region 2 DVD
300 Played Scrabble for charity
301 Called the Post and suggested a headline
302 Researched the Hatfield-McCoy feud
303 Told a deli guy I would “have the usual”
304 Cut the tag off a product under penalty of law
305 Started getting rid of my callous
306 Saw an urban dance movie
307 Ppened a beer on a belt buckle
308 I ate ratatouille
309 Gave an interview for NY1
310 Took the Jeopardy test
311 Sent a postcard to postsecret.com
312 Started taking prenatal vitamins

313 Told a stranger she smelled good
314 Asked a cabbie about his family
315 Literally walked on eggshells
316 Started learning Final Cut Pro
317 Wore a bikini to work
318 Got ashes on my forehead
319 Celebrated Chinese New Year
320 Ironed my sheets
321 Appeared in a movie about a cake
322 Watched a silent movie all the way through
323 Made a popsicle in cold weather
324 Took a moment for Greenpeace
325 Played the spoons
326 Kissed the ground Kevin walked on
327 I tracked a dollar bill on a website
328 Taught music to a group of people
329 Changed wiper blades
330 Bird watched
331 Threw a paper airplane out the window
332 Read from a teleprompter
333 Wore underwear on my head
334 Sat in a box at Carnegie Hall
335 Shoveled snow
336 Ran a gambling ring
337 Drew M C Escher’s triangle
338 Drank from a beer helmet
339 Gave my phone number as 867-5309
340 Went to a bachelorette party
341 Learned to Zorba dance. Hopa.

342 Went to a Big Fat Greek wedding
343 Spoke a half octave higher
344 Wrote with a feather quill
345 Commuted with a cane
346 Wore an eyepatch all day
347 Took a bath in milk
348 Ate crickets
349 Drafted a will
350 Walked to New Jersey
351 Shot a gun
352 Used a graphics tablet
353 Got acupuncture
354 Left a trail of breadcrumbs
355 Wore false eyelashes
356 Pulled off a tablecloth without upsetting dishes
357 Made a top hat out of duct tape
358 Played saxophone on the subway
359 Performed stand-up comedy
360 Took a boxing class
361 Danced around in a tutu
362 Delivered a singing telegram
363 Staged the musical of my dreams
364 Had breakfast at Tiffany’s
365 Hopped around on a pogo stick.
366 Very last thing, number 366 because of the leap year, I rode around a limo and ate candy because let’s face it, that’s your dream too and you know it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Abby normal

All the improv nerds have been all over Xtranormal, which lets you easily make short animated movies. I've been running around and working on other stuff a lot lately, so I didn't really get the time to sit down and make one. But it really doesn't take that much time, so after watching the Chargers beat the Colts tonight, I made an xtranormal video.