Monday, July 7, 2008

More New on the way!

In the three months since my year-long project ended, I've been catching myself saying things like, "one of the New Things I never got to do was..." and "I meant to do that as a New Thing..." So rather than just pass them over forever because I didn't do them before I turned thirty, I'm going to give myself a new excuse to do them. I decided today that August will be New Summer, meaning I'll do one thing I've never done before every day in August.
Welcome back, New!

Some stuff on the list:
-Engrave a sterling guitar pick
-Sing on top of a grand piano while wearing a red dress
-Surround myself with stuffed animals like E.T.
-Play Wii (No! I still haven't yet! Long story!)


KrstlChik said...

We look forward to your month of new! :) My daily new things are over as well. So, now I'm doing one new thing a week - eco-friendly style.

Mr. Nordmann said...

I'm looking forward to reading your new things. Any suggestions for me? I am chasing 30 until October 6th...and would love to do some interesting yet inexpensive things.

Kathy G said...

Today is exactly halfway through my project to leading up to my FIFTIETH birthday! Wouldn't have started if I hadn't heard you interviewed on the radio.

I've already realized that I'll never get to all the things on my list, and will probably be extending my project. Look forward to reading about your new adventures.

Michelle said...

Kayaking in the Hudson!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about all your new things and you have inspired me to do a year long challenge. I look forward to reading about your new adventures!