Friday, August 1, 2008

NEW new thing #1: No Plate Like Home

I've never been the hugest sports fan, but I like me some baseball. So while I was home in CA this week, I said yes to some Padres tickets at Petco Park, and I sat behind home plate. It was also my first time in that ballpark- it didn't exist when I was last a full-time San Diego resident, so my last Padres game was at what I like to call Jack Murphy stadium, even though the team and the corporation that took it over call it Qualcomm. Petco is more like a baseball resort- very new and beautiful with waterfalls and in-seat drink service and padded chairs and ponies. My parents, long-time friend Andrea and I had a great view of the game, not to mention the umpire's booty, from our seats about nine rows back. The Pads were down something like 7-4 at the bottom of the 9th, so I put on my rally cap in hopes that they could pull it out. But they didn't, because my rally cap was from New York*. Oops.

*University, not Yankees. But still. (At least I didn't wear my Red Sox hat!)

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Meg said...

I started following your blog when you did a new thing everyday for the year before your 30th and MISSED you when you were done. Welcome back and enjoy trying even more new things!