Monday, August 11, 2008

NEW new thing #11: Men at Work

I've been very good at staying away from New Things that I'm not supposed to be doing, things that are illegal, dangerous, unhealthy, or involve quicksand. So guess I was feeling risky or daring or something and I walked through a high-rise construction site. Without a hard hat. In open-toed shoes. I didn't really mean to- I was trying to take a sidewalk detour when I veered off the path a little bit and realized that I was standing in what looked like a lobby-to-be, with no discernible walls or ceilings, and lots of dust and scary machinery. I walked parallel to the path in case some burly construction guy came through, but nobody did. Eventually I went back to the path, and nobody ever seemed to notice. Also, they were playing some sweet 80s music.

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