Saturday, August 16, 2008

NEW new thing #16: Buildy McBuilder

I've been meaning to redo certain elements of my bathroom for some time, so I went to BB&B and got some elaborate 4-piece bathroom collection thingy, complete with an over-the-toilet piece that promises to reduce all the girly clutter. I have yet to do the big one, but I've put together the door rack, the magazine holder and the towel tower. And I built them without looking at the instructions. I think I saw someone forced to do this the one time I ever watched Amazing Race, and it seemed completely cruel, especially to someone who, until last year, had never even put together Ikea furniture. But since this bathroom stuff isn't so different, and because I thought it would be fun, I hid the directions from myself and navigated all the poles, caps and hangers with nothing but intuition and logic as my compass. Well guided, intuition and logic!


Jackie said...

That is a big feat~congrats!

Jen S. said...

We have that same set! May it bring you organization for many years to come. :)