Saturday, August 2, 2008

NEW new thing #2: Earth mover

My parents recently decided to completely overhaul their backyard- partly for aesthetic reasons, but also because they nearly lost the house to fires last year and it's in their better interest to get rid of anything that court disaster- so they're replacing the eucalyptus trees with liquid amber, the pine trees with succulents and so forth. But for the time being, the back of their house looks like it did when we moved in nearly 20 years ago, complete with a Pot-A-Let in the driveway and Bobcats in the back. The second I saw those babies, I knew I had to do something with them, so I got behind the wheel of a Bobcat. Two of them! For liability reasons, and because they're not total idiots, the construction guys didn't leave the keys and I had to resort to making "vroom vroom" noises from the driver's seat. But still, such fun!

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Kathy G said...

SO good to be able to read your new New Things! Looking forward to checking on your activities the rest of the month.