Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NEW new thing #20: Word to My Nerd

I played a role-playing game. Having been just that side of nerdy in high school, I was keen to hang out in fairy wings but never got in with the whole D 'n' D set. The closest I came to that whole scene was showing up in costume at what was supposed to be a Drama Club murder mystery party, but ended up as a karaoke gossip fest. It was rad.
So anyway, pal Kirk, fresh from returning from something called Dragon Con, asked me and several members of his Scooby Doo-esque improv team The Ghosty Teens to get together to help him test drive an RPG he wrote based on a best-selling format called Dread. We each played a specific archetype of mystery-solving teen (I was The Forgeign Exchange Student) and had to help The Geek's stepdad (Shaquille O'Neal) rid his museum of a sinister ghost that was haunting the place. After about three hours, two near-fatalities, one snake attack and a gunfight, we finally solved the mystery, rescued Shaq from being buried alive, and got our ten-year-old sidekick home before curfew. There weren't any costumes or anything, but there were accents, maps, character quirks, strategies and arguments. All par for the course for the crusading Ghosty Teens.

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