Friday, August 22, 2008

NEW new thing #22: Safe cracker

I love staying in hotels, and until recently have been sort of blindly trusting of the people who clean the rooms. Which is a really dumb idea. Especially now that I take my laptop along so I can write on the road, what's stopping anybody from messing with my stuff? A pink uniform and a plastic nametag do not an honest person make, so on this trip to the Jersey shore, I used a hotel safe. My dad swore by these things when we all used to travel together, but I never really saw fit to use them. But I also don't see fit to get my stuff ripped off. So I followed the rather fool-proof instructions, locked up my Mac and some other stuff, and headed to the beach, worry free.


heidisjourney2thirty said...

i'm so smart that i left my wallet inside the safe when i got off the cruise ship...ironically, it wasn't even locked. i'd just shut the door for the last show the night before and never got the stuff out.

Colette said...

It's not the hotel staff that worry me, necessarily - it's the fact that they seem to clean 3 or 4 rooms simultaneously, leaving the doors open & wandering between them.

Anyway, hotel safes are definitely a good idea.