Sunday, August 24, 2008

NEW new thing #24: Plane Jen

Ah summer. You and your barbecues, beach outings and old-timey upstate plane shows. Never having had the chance to partake in that last one, I joined Kevin and some friends and went up to Rhinebeck and I watched old-timey planes fly around. I used to live in the flight path of a naval base in San Diego, so to have the dull roar of killer war planes replaced by the comparatively soft hum of um, old killer war planes was both historically enriching and oddly comforting. Plus, there was an anachronistic Ferrari display nearby and a fantastic stunt involving an old guy pretending to be a plane-unsavvy farmer. And oops- the pilot of the plane had to jump out to fix something and oops, the old guy flew off and oops, started doing loop-de-loops in the sky! Luckily, he landed safely, even after snagging a clothesline on the tail of the plane and even after losing his farmer hat. Yes, I am a jaded New Yorker. It probably sounds like I wasn't impressed by this, but I totally was. Because planes is cool! Especially old-timey ones. And I still regret not having taken a byplane ride around the fairgrounds.

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