Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NEW new thing #5: Dr. Spacebag

Ah, back to New York. It's apparently still August here, and after having gotten used to the idealistically comfortable weather in San Diego, I didn't adapt back to the sticky hot weather so well. The first adjustment I made was getting rid of the down comforter on the bed. Well, not rid rid; I just needed to move it. And Lord knows it's hard to store something so bulky and fluffy, so to make things easier, I used a space bag. I sort of wish this had anything to do with Space space; that would imply that I am an astronaut or perhaps a Martian. But they don't and I'm not (hmpf). But they are awesome and I am quite happy with them; provided you own a vacuum with a hose, you can be too. Just load, suck, and store. Then shove your otherwise unwieldy down comforter nearly under the bed. (Insider tip: tape the top and the duct shut and air will be less likely to creep in).

It doesn't end up being quite as neat and tidy as on the commercials, but my comforter still takes up less space, and it's weirdly fun to watch an otherwise normal bag of stuff morph into something resembling a cotton gremlin. (I once heard a warning that it's risky to use these things on plush down, but the down has become considerably less plush over the years. I should still be okay come winter.)

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KrstlChik said...

We used the vacuum-less kind when we went to Europe. It just meant I could fit more clothes in my over sized backpack (which is a plus when considering wardrobe selection, but a minus when you have to carry that much more weight around).