Friday, August 8, 2008

NEW new thing #8: You were the first one

photo by Keith Huang

This is sort of not new; this year marked the fifth that I have performed in Terry Jinn's Enormous Television, an annual birthday cover concert thrown by the eponymous guitar god. But it was the first time that I performed at Kenny's Castaways. This place has seen early work from some of the greatest names in rock, including Bruce Springsteen, Phish, The Ramones and Aerosmith (two of whom were covered in this show). This year I sang Video Killed the Radio Star (past selections included Beat It, You Oughta Know and MmmmBop, and there was one year when I did backup on about 67 songs), and between that and the 17 other songs, at least one of us is destined for rock legend. Either that, or we will just own a pet rock.

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