Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baracking in the free world

In an effort to make a difference, I decided to help other people make a difference. I volunteered at a phone bank for the Obama-Biden campaign for change. I had a room to myself in what appeared to be a former salon, a list of names of undecided voters in PA, and a script. Probably 75% of the numbers had been disconnected (as probably had their owners' bodies with their souls, since the list said many were 85+), but the cases where they weren't were... interesting. One lady refused to tell me who she was voting for, so I said "as long as you voted with your heart, that's all that matters." Another woman suspiciously asked "....whyyyy??" after everything I said, even if it wasn't a question. A guy whose age was listed as 55 said he was voting Obama, and so was his wife, and they were trying to "talk sense" to their son. And unfortunately we weren't supposed to leave messages with people who weren't home, so a "captive audience" thing was out of the question. I was also disappointed that I didn't get the opportunity to get to speak with a die-hard McCainer. I'm certain I would have been able to change their minds. But I guess it's a good sign I didn't get anybody like that. One 83-year-old woman, the second I said I was calling on behalf of Barack Obama, said triumphantly, "I voted absentee already. For HIM!" I thanked her, then skipped the next step on the script and didn't ask if she'd like to volunteer- I got the feeling that if she was able to, she was already doing it.


Jackie said...

I like this one! Yay! I voted Absentee already too!

Anonymous said...

I'm die-hard McCain, I don't think you'd be able to change my mind however.

It's interesting to see the different between the city voters and those of us in the country

heidisjourney2thirty said...

ok, well i still like you even though we like different candidates...but i have to tell you the other day a woman called from the O-B campaign (on my cell phone...WTF?) and i laughed at her and told her i was voting for mccain.