Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You ask, I answer!

Kathy G. writes,
" I'd like to hear more about the mouse in the airport!"
And I'd like to tell her!
On Friday, Kevin and I were on our way to Denver, CO. The Delta terminal at JFK is super tiny, so there were no seats and we had to sit on the floor. We'd been sitting for about five minutes when I saw a flash of gray out of the corner of my eye (and over the top of my Time Out New York). I looked up and saw nothing, so I thought it had been somebody's pant leg, or a ball of dust, or a silver faerie. Seconds later, K looked where I had been looking, and at the same time we saw a tiny mouse dart out of and back into a hole at the bottom of the podium near where we were sitting. He seemed to want to go somewhere (probably not Denver, though we would have been happy to take him), but couldn't quite work up the courage. So he kept venturing a few feet away from the hole, then hauling ass back once he got a look at all those big, scary people and their feet.
A cleaning lady saw me taking pictures of the hole, and came over and looked at me quizzically. At first I just stared at her with a guilty smile, but after I few seconds I explained that there was a mouse under the podium- but he's super cute so please don't hurt him! She struck me as the type who would name him, then wait around during the night shift to feed him pastry crumbs. As it was, K kept tossing him bits of Odwalla bar, and she seemed to think that was fine. Then we got on the plane and with the mouse we parted ways forever.


the girL said...

I heart that mouse! I would have wanted to take him with me - he's just so cute.

Kathy G said...

Thanks for the story :-)