Saturday, November 22, 2008

Premium Roast

In honor of a longtime friend who decided to have an unconventional birthday celebration, I attended a roast. Pal Ernie got his friend and theatre owner Alex to act as roastmaster at a night of improv dedicated to making fun of Ernie. The performers took jabs at Ernie's weight, penchant for wearing skirts, seedy interest in Thailand and trademark line delivery (curiously, nobody mentioned Ernie's love of manicures). That was just the first act- the second was a surprise (to me, at least) burlesque show starring several uninhibited lovelies whose acts included themes like superheroes, suicide, Star Trek and jumping rope (hint: OW).
Angela, Ernie and me, post-show (I have a snap of Ernie with the ladies but, uh, this is a family blog...)

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