Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Gentelmen of Verona

After receiving an email from my favorite Improv theatre announcing new classes, I took a Shakespearean Improv class. I signed up somewhat impulsively last Wednesday for a class held yesterday, and a couple of minutes later was asking myself, "What did I just DO?" I haven't improvised in two and a half years, and I haven't taken an improv class in four years, so I was a bit nervous about jumping back into it in a room full of 23-year-old talented upstarts. But not only did my scenework go swimmingly (thanks in no small part to competent scene partners), the Shakespearean stuff was an absolute blast. Teacher Blaine drilled us in rhyming couplets, thee vs thou, exit speeches, prologues, emotional reaction and Elizabethan characterizations before letting us loose to do the Henry form. In my two back-to-back scenes in the form, I played a pregnant commoner whose husband roams the countryside eating fermented apples, and whose coworker in the castle kitchen has been boffing the husband but can't get pregnant. For all the reluctance and dread and apprehension I felt before I got there, the class really couldn't have gone better. I left actually wanting to do it again (as opposed to my last few improv outings in 2006, when I sort of wanted to die). I say, well played, good sirs! And madams!


Angela said...

i am so happy about this

Michelle said...

And, thou did a fine job, as fine as the fine white geese who flourish upon the moors! Or something like that, you know, metaphor. That was so much fun!