Saturday, February 28, 2009

NT 5/31: Kiss the Forehead

I have a large forehead. When I was ten, some kid in my fifth grade class noticed and announced it to everybody. When I was ten and a half, I got bangs to cover it. I've worn bangs on and off in the 20 years since (currently "on"), but truth be told, I could care less whether I have a large forehead or a tiny forehead or two foreheads. But I am curious about just how big it is, so today I measured my forehead. Photo courtesy of my awesome new Canon PowerShot SD 880 IS!

Width (temple to temple): 7 1/3"
Length (eyebrow to hairline): 3 3/4"

Friday, February 27, 2009

NT 4/31: Put that magic jump on me

During my last pre-birthday New Things spree, friend Hal made a suggestion that somehow never made it to my master list, but I'm glad he mentioned it again during this last call for new suggestions. This flu/cold/plague/whatever had rendered me temporarily antisocial, and I needed something to do today that didn't involve going places, expending a lot of energy, breathing on people or wearing something other than sweatpants. So I made and charged a magical sigil. I had to read the instructions a few times before I really got it, and I'm still not sure I did it right. The website Hal pointed me to says (among a lot of other witchy, magicy, new-agey things) this about sigils:
The sigil takes a magical desire or intent- let's say IT IS MY DESIRE TO VISIT RWANDA (you can, of course, put any desire you want in there)- and folds it down, creating a highly charged symbol. The desire is then forgotten. Only the symbol remains and can be charged to full potency when the magician chooses.

Okay, sure! I'm in!
I must not have charged it to full full potency, because I remember that my desire was to "get a great job." There are other things that might be nice right now, but this is one of the more pressing desires in my life. According to the website, you're supposed to whittle the words in your desire down to non-repeating consonants, then "play with the letters until only an appropriately witchy-looking glyph is left."
I came up with this:
Then you're supposed to meditate and expel all thoughts from your head, concentrating only on the symbol. Then you cast it out into the world and your desire will come true.
I'm ironing my work clothes as I write this!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

NT 3/31: Deep as an Ocean

This is a placeholder post until I can get the pictures to you (thanks, sad unworking camera!). But until I can reveal this first weird thing in its full glory (hopefully by tomorrow afternoon) I will give you a few teasers:
-It's something I will probably have to do later in my life, but wanted to experience at 30
-It's good for travel
-Some people associate this with astronauts

My camera issues won't be resolved soon, and I'm saddled with some flu/cold thing, so I can't get out to replace it today. So I'll just tell you. I wore Depends. I also went out. I'm not sure if I want to say whether I was wearing them during my friends' rock show, so I won't. But I will say that the makers of these things sure know what they're doing! You don't have to be wearing mom jeans to make the perceived lumpiness almost undetectable. I should also say that I didn't "use" them the way they are intended to be "used." I'm really only mildly adventurous.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NT 2/31: Whole Lotta History

I've lived in New York for nearly eight years, and in those years, combined with the handful of times I visited the city before moving here, I thought I had seen and done just about everything there was to see and do, but there was always one glaring omission. Today I went to the American Museum of Natural History. That place is pretty fantastic. We saw as much as we could in one afternoon- dinosaurs, cave people, Pacific redwoods, the giant blue whale, gems, jewelry, and the civilizations of most major continents. Being a big museum nerd, I should be embarrassed that I'd never been to this one, but who has the time to be embarrassed? It's the cultivators of the African and Asian Peoples exhibits who should be embarrassed- anyone happen to know why a traditional tribal leader is wearing modern black shoes with laces, when all his fellow tribespeople are barefoot? And why a 3rd Century Chinese coat has buttons on it that say CCCP 1938? Call me a slave to details, but...

Me and my transparent triplet sisters trying to fool the dinosaurs.

Me and my twin triceratops trying to fool the tourists.

Tribal guy's anachronistic feet.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NT 1/31: Honey Pie

Welcome back, New Things! I've missed you!
In honor of the economy sucking, I'm kicking off my 31 New Things in the 31 days before I turn 31 with a stimulating new venture: I opened an online t-shirt store.
The year my younger sister left for college, I hijacked her computer while I was home on summer vacation, and left a few "easter eggs" for her to find later. Except I was so excited about them I ended up showing her about after five seconds. Among the adorable and random Word and MS Paint documents I created and saved all over her computer was a picture of twin bees. In all my years of being a mediocre artist, I have never been able to quit while I'm ahead, so I decided the bees just had to be saying something. I kept it simple. One bee says, "I'm Steve." The other says, "me too." And thus were born two bees named Steve:They're fraternal. And if you'd like to wear them on your front, back, baby or dog, please do!

(Thanks to KMD, who encouraged and facilitated the Steves' leap from my sister's 1999 Dell to whatever computer you're using to read this.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Daily Updates Coming Soon!

I've been thinking about it all year, and I have decided that I will welcome my next birthday with New. It's obviously a little late to do a year's worth of stuff, so instead I will do 31 Things Before 31. I have a few things on my list that either didn't make the cut last year, or that I just thought of in the last few days. As always, I will be taking suggestions (post them to this thread, otherwise they'll get lost).
Start date: February 24 (Mardi Gras!)
End date: March 26, my birthday