Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NT 1/31: Honey Pie

Welcome back, New Things! I've missed you!
In honor of the economy sucking, I'm kicking off my 31 New Things in the 31 days before I turn 31 with a stimulating new venture: I opened an online t-shirt store.
The year my younger sister left for college, I hijacked her computer while I was home on summer vacation, and left a few "easter eggs" for her to find later. Except I was so excited about them I ended up showing her about after five seconds. Among the adorable and random Word and MS Paint documents I created and saved all over her computer was a picture of twin bees. In all my years of being a mediocre artist, I have never been able to quit while I'm ahead, so I decided the bees just had to be saying something. I kept it simple. One bee says, "I'm Steve." The other says, "me too." And thus were born two bees named Steve:They're fraternal. And if you'd like to wear them on your front, back, baby or dog, please do!

(Thanks to KMD, who encouraged and facilitated the Steves' leap from my sister's 1999 Dell to whatever computer you're using to read this.)

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Heather Waghelstein said...

That's so cute. Aww. I'd wear that. Do you want me to sneak you into the hospital so you could start an IV for one of your new things?

You can start one on me. I'm serious.
Every given a cat a bath?