Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NT 2/31: Whole Lotta History

I've lived in New York for nearly eight years, and in those years, combined with the handful of times I visited the city before moving here, I thought I had seen and done just about everything there was to see and do, but there was always one glaring omission. Today I went to the American Museum of Natural History. That place is pretty fantastic. We saw as much as we could in one afternoon- dinosaurs, cave people, Pacific redwoods, the giant blue whale, gems, jewelry, and the civilizations of most major continents. Being a big museum nerd, I should be embarrassed that I'd never been to this one, but who has the time to be embarrassed? It's the cultivators of the African and Asian Peoples exhibits who should be embarrassed- anyone happen to know why a traditional tribal leader is wearing modern black shoes with laces, when all his fellow tribespeople are barefoot? And why a 3rd Century Chinese coat has buttons on it that say CCCP 1938? Call me a slave to details, but...

Me and my transparent triplet sisters trying to fool the dinosaurs.

Me and my twin triceratops trying to fool the tourists.

Tribal guy's anachronistic feet.


Kathy G said...

Maybe they used the shoes and the buttons as an observation test? Either that or a way to get "museum nerds" all worked up :-)

Jessica Denise said...

I actually respect the fact that you noticed that. Good looking out!