Saturday, March 7, 2009

NT 12/31: Stack in Business

I don't know how long this sport has been around, why it's such a phenomenon, or how people get really good at it. But I decided to try my hand at Cup Stacking, because you never know when you might turn out to be a genius at something. And GUESS WHAT? I... am totally not a genius at Cup Stacking. I am fairly talented at Cup Knocking Down, Cup Looking At, and I mastered Cup Drinking at the tender age of 18 months. But this Stacking thing is going to take some practice (as well as the proper cups and some instruction on how to do it correctly) if I want to get this good.
Instead, I am this good:

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heidisjourney2thirty said...

There is actually a cup stacking championship and a special mat that keeps your time! (Some PE programs at elementary schools do it...although I haven't figured out how that's PHYSICAL activity!)