Sunday, March 8, 2009

NT 14/31: Compared to the clouds as they roll by

Some of my favorite New Things are the ones that combine things I've done before, thereby creating a totally new experience. Today I rollerbladed with a dog! I haven't worn a pair of roller blades since 1989, and the dog I had then was a half-blind, terribly unbright (albeit gentle and lovable) Cocker Spaniel. Friend Heather has a bigger, smarter, more athletic (and just as gentle and lovable, but with good eyesight) Shepard mix named Sebastian, whom she was happy to loan out for a short ride in Central Park. My twenty years of rust didn't just fall right off; Heather had to remind me how to break, and she was all ready with a full set of Hey-Jen-don't-die safety gear. I'm happy to say I did not die, though I did get a little nervous when Sebastian began to run full-speed at his mommy, who was holding the camera:


Jackie said...

How cute!

Heather Waghelstein said...

I wasn't worried about you...I didn't want you to get blood on Sebastian's Fur.