Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NT 16/31: Idle Hands

My new "career" as a freelancer has also yielded a "career" as a compulsive TV watcher which, for me, simply means that I keep up with stuff and use my DVR like an IV drip that feeds me all the pop culture I missed out on as a working stiff. In the months since "transitioning" out of my day job, I have made the acquaintance of a handful of shows that never would have turned my head before, when I had no time for or interest in Appointment Television. My newest "friend" has been American Idol. I've been mildly interested in the overall phenomenon since season 4, but I don't really get invested until there are fewer than 10 people. This year, thanks to both the DVR and the extra time on my hands, I have been all over it since episode 1. And tonight I voted for someone in American Idol. And I got through on the first call! I guess the trick is to wait about ten minutes after it ends, then slip your vote in before they close the lines. The Robot Man who "answered" said my vote had been counted, so I have officially made a difference in the life of a future pop star.

American Idol logo registered trademark by the people who made it, except for the part where I wrote my name.

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Kathy G said...

I did this last year; it's the only time I've actually watched an entire hour of American Idol!