Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NT 17/31: This woman took the 1 train

I got this suggestion last year form several people, but being saddled with a day job and all its implications meant I never really made the time for it. But now, being all laid-off and freelancery, I was able to do this at my leisure, without taking an abnormally long lunch or pretending I had to leave early to pick up my poodle from the groomer's. I rode an entire subway line. I picked the 1 train because it's not obscenely long, like the A, or cop-out short, like the J. It took an hour and four minutes from the start, at the South Ferry station in Lower Manhattan, to the finish, at 242nd Street in the Bronx. I like this line because parts of it, like the stretch from 116th and 135th, and from Dyckman on, go above ground and I can actually see something besides graffiti and dark. I didn't really bring anything to do; I realized early on that one of the pads on my Bose headphones was missing, rendering them useless, and I didn't go out of my way to find a magazine or remember to bring a book. But I don't really mind just sitting there with my thoughts, because sometimes there are a lot of them.
The start:

The finish:


BrianW said...

That's my line! I ride it every day to and from work. It's a pretty good line IMO.

But why did you say that the (J) is "cop out short"? That's a decently long line (about 50 to 56 minutes depending on time of day). And the scenery is much better than from the (1).

the girL said...

That sounds like my kind of thing... how fun! I should do that with one of the lines here in LA... probably not as long but still something to experience. Thanks!

Jackie said...