Thursday, March 12, 2009

NT 18/31: I found my thrill

I'm not a terribly materialistic person. I have a meat-and-potatoes DVD player, an old iPod and rarely pay full price for clothes. But for the last two years, I've been toting around this silly little Samsung phone that looks like a toy and runs like it's powered by a hamster wheel. Now that I'm almost 31, I decided it's high time for a grown-up phone. So as an early birthday present to myself, I got a Blackberry! I'm still setting it up, and will transfer the SIM card from the caveman phone as soon as leg one of my weekend trip is completed, and I don't have to worry about risking missed trains and pickups because of a phone I don't know how to use. But when I do set it up- oh the internet! The on-the-go email! The crazy games! The pretty shiny phone! Which, really, is the important part.

My old baloney phone, my digital thermometer and my new phone, in order of awesomeness:


Kathy G said...

Very nice new phone!

I tend to get the "free" phone (i.e., the promotional one with no bells and whistles)every time I renew my plan. They tend to break less than the fancier ones.

However, next time I'm thinking I want something better-not for Internet use, but so that I can use it as a PDA and sync it with my Outlook calendar,

Maddy said...

I just saw this! I love my tiny computer as I call it. I found the closest Patsy's and Billy's Bakery for cupcakes while walking around on Saturday. Do yourself a favor and download the free Google applications. Thank Andy Butterworth for suggesting that to me, I love google maps on my tiny computer.

Anonymous said...

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