Sunday, March 15, 2009

NT 21/31: Olive New York

Reason #5,784 to love New York: I can walk into a newsstand in midtown and buy a newspaper from virtually any country, in any language, geared toward people of any nationality. But since I'm straight-up American, and have no close ancestral ties to any non English-speaking country, I never have. But I have ample opportunity to read a newspaper from Anywhere, so today I read a Greek newspaper (fittingly, on the birthday of my favorite Greek high school friend). With the exception of certain advertisements and un-Greekable section headers, the entire thing was in Greek. And it was tough to tell what the stories were about- I'm thinking mostly Greek politics, Greek news and Greek sports, since I didn't see much in the way of Greek gossip or Greek celebrity scandals. Mostly it was pictures of imposing olive-complected men and crowds of people in sunny places. In college, that would have just been a fraternity, but in a Greek newspaper purchased in New York, it's culture! Hopa!