Monday, March 16, 2009

NT 22/31: Foot Ball

Today's New Thing is an overnighter; I'll add an update tomorrow to tell you how it turned out. As I write this, I am sort of immobilized for the night, unless I want to walk on my heels to the kitchen for a glass of juice. I'm trying detoxifying foot pads. The Kinoki brand claims to *Aid Natural Cleansing, *Absorb Impurities and *Work While I Sleep. I'm not completely confident that when I wake up tomorrow I'll be met with a scummy brown pad and a squeaky-clean system, but don't knock it till you tried it, right? As a non-smoker and a once-every-two-months wine drinker, I'm not expecting that my body really has so many toxins to expunge, but who knows? I still breathe in sludgy New York air every day, and I do love me some steak pretty regularly. So there's gotta be something in there. But I'm going to be very disappointed if these things end up sucking out my soul. Oh wait, no- that's cat on your face, not pads on your feet. I am forever messing those two up.

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jenschulze said...

So how did it turn out?!