Friday, March 20, 2009

NT 25/31: Do you believe in Magic?

Last year, Yes-Man Kirk suggested that I pull a rabbit out of a hat as a new thing. I thought it was a completely amazing idea and knew I had to do it. But circumstances being what they are, me not living in a woodland, the country or my ten-year-old self's vision of Paradise, I never located a rabbit so it never happened. And while that is still sort of true, creativity trumped reality and today, thanks to lovely friend Rosie, her coworker Erica, some quick planning and an improvisational spirit, I pulled a Bunny out of a hat.
Enjoy (with a grain of salt):

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Kathleen said...

Are you SURE that's a bunny? That's the Yorkiest looking bunny I've ever seen!! Yes, it definitely looks like a Yorkie.