Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NT 8/31: Beyond the sea

I'm writing this in an only vaguely coherent, floaty, blissed-out state. No, I didn't do drugs. I had a seaweed body wrap. When lovely cousin Cat emailed last week to ask if I wanted to accompany her on a spa day at Oasis (oh, twist my arm!), I searched their site for some weird treatment I'd never had. Massages, pedicures, manicures, hot-stone treatments—done 'em. But on the list of "Spa Body Therapy" treatments was a "seaweed wrap," an indulgent-sounding but inexpensive skin treatment I'd never even thought to try before.
Oh my goodness, what a wonderfully weird experience! After a brisk rub-down with an exfoliating glove, the therapist piled on the seaweed-lavender body masque (which turned out to be clear, derailing my hopes of being covered in Krakken-from-the-sea colored miracle muck) and wrapped me up to my neck in a giant sheet of mylar. Then she piled on hot towels and left the room. I, dressed like a baked potato, faded in and out of consciousness for about twenty-five minutes while the concoction worked its wonders on my weather-worn skin. At the end, therapist lady hosed me off with a multi-nozzled shower contraption.
I can't say that being covered in mysterious goo, hot mylar, and several layers of thick towels while lying alone in a giant shallow bathtub is for everyone, but it didn't bother me (the therapist asked me a litany of questions before we began, making sure I was free of allergies, pregnancies, and claustrophobia). Plus, I am completely convinced that Sunday's sushi adventure was the driving force behind my decision to try this.

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Colette said...

I had a seaweed body wrap a couple of years ago - but mine was green, and it smelled like seaweed. It was an odd experience (but relaxing).