Sunday, August 30, 2009


Back in March, I signed up for the 92nd Street Y Tribeca Softball League. In April, I completely forgot about it. In May, K reminded me that we'd done this, and we went shopping for gloves. At the end of May, our season began and I found myself ensconced in "Deep Right," playing "Extra Outfielder," the position I played most often, with "Uh, Don't Worry About it This Inning" running a close second. In June, I decided not to play the next season, but to stick out the current one. In July, I finally began making regular contact with the ball, and (very) occasionally getting on base. In August, I started getting fewer comments like "way to keep your eyes open" or "way to let Joe catch the ball" and more comments like "way to make contact" and "way to hustle," and once or twice, "nice real hit!" or "good job not swinging at absolutely everything long enough to get walked!" In short, it was a rough season for nonathletic, female minority me. Our team did, however, make it to the playoffs and win our first game, and at the end of August, I had officially played a complete season of softball. I'm now only 98% sure (as opposed to in June, when I was 100% sure) that I won't be playing next year, but I will be helping K work on his pitching (which will be stellar by then) and I'll find a blanket with our team colors to crash on under a tree while I watch K pitch, and the rest of our team win more games. But it was overall a positive experience, and I have an adorable red 92Y Tribeca Softball jersey (and by jersey I mean "t-shirt with the neck crudely cut out") to remind me of my simultaneous rookie and senior season as a real league softball player.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Compute Adorable

New thing 2 of 32 New Things
Instead of settling for a machine that had some of the stuff he wanted, or a bunch of stuff he didn't want, K just ordered the specific components he was looking for, and decided to build it himself. I got to help! I installed the motherboard and the memory card (both of which look like a Google Map of a planet in Star Wars), and my bony fingers came in handy when he needed help tightening some screws and snapping things into small places. K took over most of the attaching of wires, and testing of networks, and cursing of stuff that wasn't working, and re-ordering of replacement parts. I was just happy neither one of us electrocuted ourselves. He had to constantly remind me to discharge my hands before touching anything, which was very nice of him. I don't look good with big hair.
Also, something else new I did this week, but which I'm not counting as my 32nd b-day countdown: I joined Twitter! Follow on!

Friday, August 14, 2009

In the New, 32!

I turn 32 in 32 weeks from today. I think it would be fun to try 32 new things in those weeks. Unlike the time I did this every day for a year, where at 11:55 I ended up doing random stuff like brushing my teeth in an elevator or dyeing my foot purple, these New Things will all be thought out and planned in advance, and as many of them as possible will be things I've wanted to do for a while.
To kick it off, this week I posed for an old-timey photo shoot, complete with a handmade cloche hat, my favorite coat, and a ready-made "set" in Greenwich Village. Drama geek that I am, I have a thing for costumes, old Hollywood, old New York, glamour and retro fashion. This shoot combined them all, and genius photog Anya Garrett was awesomely supportive and did such a great job capturing the exact essence I had in mind.