Sunday, August 30, 2009


Back in March, I signed up for the 92nd Street Y Tribeca Softball League. In April, I completely forgot about it. In May, K reminded me that we'd done this, and we went shopping for gloves. At the end of May, our season began and I found myself ensconced in "Deep Right," playing "Extra Outfielder," the position I played most often, with "Uh, Don't Worry About it This Inning" running a close second. In June, I decided not to play the next season, but to stick out the current one. In July, I finally began making regular contact with the ball, and (very) occasionally getting on base. In August, I started getting fewer comments like "way to keep your eyes open" or "way to let Joe catch the ball" and more comments like "way to make contact" and "way to hustle," and once or twice, "nice real hit!" or "good job not swinging at absolutely everything long enough to get walked!" In short, it was a rough season for nonathletic, female minority me. Our team did, however, make it to the playoffs and win our first game, and at the end of August, I had officially played a complete season of softball. I'm now only 98% sure (as opposed to in June, when I was 100% sure) that I won't be playing next year, but I will be helping K work on his pitching (which will be stellar by then) and I'll find a blanket with our team colors to crash on under a tree while I watch K pitch, and the rest of our team win more games. But it was overall a positive experience, and I have an adorable red 92Y Tribeca Softball jersey (and by jersey I mean "t-shirt with the neck crudely cut out") to remind me of my simultaneous rookie and senior season as a real league softball player.

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