Friday, August 21, 2009

Compute Adorable

New thing 2 of 32 New Things
Instead of settling for a machine that had some of the stuff he wanted, or a bunch of stuff he didn't want, K just ordered the specific components he was looking for, and decided to build it himself. I got to help! I installed the motherboard and the memory card (both of which look like a Google Map of a planet in Star Wars), and my bony fingers came in handy when he needed help tightening some screws and snapping things into small places. K took over most of the attaching of wires, and testing of networks, and cursing of stuff that wasn't working, and re-ordering of replacement parts. I was just happy neither one of us electrocuted ourselves. He had to constantly remind me to discharge my hands before touching anything, which was very nice of him. I don't look good with big hair.
Also, something else new I did this week, but which I'm not counting as my 32nd b-day countdown: I joined Twitter! Follow on!

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