Monday, July 19, 2010

Tempus Fugit!

Ok, so remember how in January I said I was gonna blog all the New Things I'd been doing (if you don't, scroll down like two inches)? And remember how maybe you were interested (if you weren't, what are you doing here? Never mind. Don't answer that.)? And then remember how I didn't (apparently not even I remember that.)?
Well, forget all that. Cause here I am, back and blogging and not flaking out this time, and all ready to hit you with semi-weekly updates of all the New Things I did by, on, around, in honor of, slightly after, super long after, and in spite of my 32nd birthday.
New Thing Number whatever, because life is too short for over-organization: I high-fived runners during the New York City Marathon. I had four friends and a relative running in this mid-fall traditional ode to how lazy the rest of us are. I saw three of them, hugged two of them, screamed at one of them, and completely missed the relative and one of the friends. I also cheered on dozens of strangers, as sampled in this video. I was positioned at roughly the 23-mile marker, so anyone who passed me was nearly finished, probably did finish and is automatically cooler than I'll ever be (as most people are).