Monday, February 14, 2011


Coming up this week in badness:
I am bad at playing guitar. Which is a shame, because someone awesome gave me a really nice one for Christmas, and I tend to regard it the way men in rom-coms regard babies: stare at it from across the room, make some adorable jokes about and next to it, boast that I know exactly what to do with it, and then let someone else take care of it. And I need to not. So this is the week that I trim my nails, memorize some chords and play "Eleanor Rigby" ad nauseum. Here's what happened once when I claimed to be playing guitar:


Anonymous said...

I just spent my lunch break randomly reading some of your posts. Tragic that I found this blog a year late, but I'm glad you're still posting occasionally. You make me laugh (with you, of course, with you...)!

Anonymous said...

Oops looks like you forgot to play :) At least you looked adorable holding the guitar. Keep at it!