Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yeah about that...

Now that I seem to have almost gotten back on track with this thing, I should add that I'm bad at awesome April Fool's day jokes. I don't even like AFD that much. It's silly and mean, and after the year I changed the autocorrect in someone's MS Word so that every time they typed "the" it autocorrected to "butt," I really haven't been able to come up with anything as sickeningly satisfying. (Seriously. They were writing a term paper and we didn't really like each other and they called the campus help desk for help with the "virus" that was causing this. And they restarted the computer like six times. It was awesome.)
So, yeah, that snap of me looking preggers is not only fake, but recycled from this gem of a few years back. I will likely have authentic pictures of such a thing soon, but not today. Those of you who only check this blog to glimpse details about that and similar situations are just going to have to check back another time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I've been so tardy!

Hi friends!
Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I have definitely been doing new things lately, and have been busy. I'm about to get even busier: