Monday, August 1, 2011

High Flying, Adored

Hi. I'll miss you over the summer. You are always fun to be with.
[heart] Jaime
P.S. Stay short

Ooh... I don't know how to tell you this... I grew. Like, a lot. Like, more than a foot between 7th grade and now. The 4'8" peanut I was in 7th grade has um... blossomed(?*) into an angular, occasionally awkward lass of 5'9ish". Which is probably still shorter than you must be by now- my combination of perception and memory may throw off my prediction a bit, but seeing as how I had to fully tilt my head back to look at you, I estimate you were at least 5'6" back then. If you kept growing, you probably hit 6' by age 18, which is awesome. Rock that height!

You're short, grow some! It's nice knowing you I'll probably see you over the summer. Stay cool!
You're[sic] friend,

You got it! If we ever meet again, you just might discover that I have in fact surpassed you in height. In addition to being completely nice and fun and total non-jerk (save for when you impulsively punched J in the face at my 13th birthday pool party), you were a bit on the non-tall side. Which is totally fine. And I can't feel guilty about having gotten taller than you- YOU TOLD ME TO!

*can you use "blossom" as a verb if you're not Judy Blume writing a book about female puberty?

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Laura said...

As long as you don't sing the "must increase our bust" song, you're probably still ok.