Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Last Summer

Oh- my Pocahontis[sic]-your[sic] a wonderful person who is incedibly [sic] funny I Love you!

GAH! I have thought and thought and thought on this and I cannot remember where the Pocahontas thing came from. I know we and our merry band of theatre geeks had tons of inside jokes, but I can't think of anything that could have possibly been relevant to the shows we did together—The Tempest, Weird Romance, The Wall (what in 1940s Warsaw could have inspired this?), You Can't Take It With You. And I believe you wrote this before we even did some of those shows. So was it an improv thing? Did I let out a racist war whoop during amoeba tag? Did I come to school in braids at some point before my dreadful 1995 chin-bob? Was one of my unrequited crushes named John Smith? Baffled.

But let's not let my confusion overshadow the upshot of this delightful note. Yes, I am incedibly, incredibly funny. And thank you for having been one of the first people to call me Jen. I can't remember whether you inspired my split decision to drop the -ny when I got to college, but let's say you did! And I love YOU and I'm so glad we're still in touch and that you and one of my favorite people from college were able to become what looks like good buddies out in L.A. One day we'll all have to get together and talk about that club we're both in*.
*inside joke! inside joke!

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