Friday, October 28, 2011

A new thing: I craft!

While I have no immediate plans for a new New Thing project, I will be making more of an effort to take note of new things, appreciate them and write about them when I can. This year alone has seen a new phase of my life, a new writing job and several pairs of new pants, and most recently, a new short-term project. Among the perks of my new awesome job are nearly bi-monthly parties, celebrating everything from birthdays to publishing deadlines to someone figuring out a new way to sneeze. This week we had a massive Halloween party, complete with a by-now legendary pumpkin-decorating contest. The only rule is that the bad boys can't be carved; after that, it's game on! Not having any frame of reference for this particular company's traditions, I went with something that spoke to the company's fashion side, and ended up being comparatively conservative. Still, finishing my  Missoni-inspired velvet pumpkin was no small feat, taking several hours over several days, and resulting in four visible hand wounds and much frustration. But I did it! And if you were a reader of my blog during my year-long project, you know that crafting scares me and that outside of performing, I really don't consider myself an artist. Whether it's because my DH's artistic skills have rubbed off on me, or I'm inspired by my new work environment, something clicked that never clicked before, and I was somehow able to pull of this:
Missoni for Pumpkins, made of a pumpkin, velvet ribbon, and straight pins.
Next up: I recreate Whistler's Mother using cheese and shoelaces.