Friday, April 6, 2012

In the New YORK #2: Flower Power

It's Spring! In Brazil! During Carnival! And I'm there! That's all true except for the last part. Today I went to the Macy's Flower Show, though, and thanks to the artfully executed ambiance, I did indeed feel like I was in Brazil during Carnival. Sort of. I guess. I'm not sure what that feels like, except I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been wearing a coat, and I would have had something far more flavorful in my hand than my cell phone. In ten years in New York, I really haven't spent a ton of time in Macy's until recently, and certainly not during high-volume event times like Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Biggest One Day Sale of the Year (which seems to happen 3 or 4 times annually) or this Flower Show. It apparently used to be in the store, with a different theme every year that was woven into the handsome architecture of the store's first floor. But now that the store is undergoing a massive renovation, the show has been relocated to a tent outside, which makes the whole "transport you to Brazil" thing so much more believable. Again, I can't say for sure. But I have an imagination and my senses are gullible, so I'm pretty sure that aside from the 45 degree temps outside the tent, it was pretty spot-on in terms of music, vegetation, giant toucans, babbling fountains, minimalist mountain murals and tourists from Ohio. Rather than try to describe the impressive lushness, I'll just give you a photographic taste of what Carnival is apparently like:
 Photo by Lolita Beckwith
 Photo by Lolita Beckwith
photo by Lolita Beckwith

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