Friday, April 13, 2012

In the New YORK! #3: Carrying On

I've been a big fan of TV's Project Runway almost since it's inception; it's one of the only reality shows I've ever been able to stomach, due mostly to its focus on a talent rather than on a drama. As someone with an interest in but no demonstrated aptitude for fashion design, I find the process fascinating. This week, as a nod to the show but also for a practical errand, I shopped at Mood. For those not in the PR loop, Mood is a three-story fabric mecca on the west side of Manhattan where the show's designers run amok for several minutes each episode while they choose fabrics. And good gravy, there is a lot to choose from. I headed straight for the velvet section of the upholstery floor to locate a match for a clarinet case that husband is refinishing, but after that I kind of took my time to look around. It's a very inspiring place, full of creative types, fashion professionals and amateurs like myself who just needed one thing, but figured that this was the place to find it. I even ran into Swatch, the Mood mascot dog on the stairs. He seemed a bit aloof, but it might have been that he was just thinking really hard about chintz. 
Thank you, Mood.

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