Friday, April 20, 2012

In the New YORK! #4: Sunrise, Sunset

Despite a slight geographical fudge, I still consider this a "New York" thing, since almost everybody involved, including the two key players, are all from New York. I went to my first totally traditional Jewish wedding. Aside from a neighbor's Bar Mitzvah in 1988 and a production of "Fiddler on the Roof" I was in two years ago, my first-hand experiences with Jewish tradition have been embarrassingly limited. I also credit this couple, Sean and Robin, with a New Thing I didn't blog about last summer, when I watched them get engaged at Belvedere Castle in Central Park. It was very elaborate, yet still incredibly sweet, and I knew then that their wedding would be the same. And I should definitely mention that my first Jewish wedding was also my first "started with the wedding scene from The Muppets Take Manhattan" wedding. A talented handful of performers from the Magnet performed the entire sequence, and Robin walked down the aisle to the "She Makes Him Happy" part, preceded by flower girls carrying a Kermit and a Piggy. After that, it was straight-up traditional, with the veiled bride, a beautiful chuppah, presentation of the ketubah, breaking of the glass, and raising of the bride and groom on chairs. L'Chaim!
 Chuppah bound! Photo by Gayle Agate Escobar

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