Friday, April 27, 2012

In the New YORK #5: 1% Wonder

I told a small handful of New Yorker friends that I had never done this week's thing, and the common response was a wide-eyed "really?!" followed by a casual shrug. Because other New Yorkers understand that one can't do everything here, and everyone has that one Thing Other People Do All The Time that they happen to have never done. Today I went to Saks Fifth Avenue, where I tried on something silly. This store is beyond intimidating, even for someone who's used to other people's attempts to impress them with displays of expensive sophistication ("Now I have Tory Burch flats in six colors," announced a coworker in the elevator the other day). Well-lit, tall and fragrant, Saks is the epitome of luxury. Really Important Brands leap out from every corner, and presentation of the merchandise goes far beyond Stuff on a Rack. There are legions of svelte mannequins in hip poses lounging in every aisle, draped in of-the-minute finery, their motionless mouths seeming to whisper, if you have to ask, you can't afford it. I slipped into a dressing room anyway, with an Alice + Olivia outfit made for someone far more trendy than I and worth nearly $600.

 The top. Not too bad. At a different price point, I would totally wear it.

The pants. Oh good gravy the pants. Too bad I'm not 6'4" with
$400 to spend on 90210-inspired modifed Hammer pants.

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