Friday, May 11, 2012

In the New YORK #7: Plane and Tall

 I totally did not, except when I was allowed to. You're welcome.

I can now officially say that I have experienced the first-class cabin on the Concorde, and except for the thing where it never left the ground and I saved $8,000, I'm pretty sure it was an authentic experience. Along with husband and my in-laws, I went to the Intrepid Museum. Even the pre-space shuttle Intrepid (the Enterprise arrives later this summer) is well worth the trip. The history of the place is pretty fantastic, and who doesn't love a bunch of old-timey planes? And yes, I recommend the Concorde tour, which includes seats in the first-class cabin, a frightening-for-tall people trip into the cockpit and a glimpse of  a typical menu, which puts even some 4-star Manhattan restaurants to shame. After that it was back to the flight deck to (distantly) inspect some well-preserved planes dating as far back as the 19teens, and inside the carrier for some interactive cool nerdy science exhibits.Then we donned our jetpacks and zoomed over Manhattan, because there really is no other way to leave an aircraft carrier.
Two San Diegans, one bigger than the other.

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Don't Feed The Pixies said...

i once got invited to an airshow with my friend - many years ago now.

it was at a naval base, so there were some ships as well that you could walk around and take tours of - and as we came out onto the deck a Harrier jumpjet came and hovered right above us.

Never been on concorde though.

I think its such a shame that the NASA base now sits empty and unloved. I woulda loved to have seen a launch