Friday, May 18, 2012

In the New YORK #8: Fresh Faced

In what has been by far my girliest new thing (definitely in this round, but not necessarily including the original project), the fabulous Cat and I went to a Trish McEvoy makeup event at Bloomingdale's. First we sat through a charming mini-lecture, in which Trish herself demonstrated some little-known techniques (the "triangle of light" blew my mind) with the help of two assistants. Apparently I've been doing my makeup wrong all my life, but that stopped here! After the demo, the group was escorted into Trish's in-store studio, where a trained TM makeup goddess applied product to half the client's face, while the client had to try to re-create the look on the other half. Cat and I were sharing a makeup goddess, so makeup goddess couldn't pay as much attention to us individually. I think I did okay. I mean, I'm no makeup guru, and yeah, I have been using the same techniques since 7th grade (luckily the same cannot be said for my once sky-high bangs). But as a novice, using high-end products and tools for the first time, I think I did okay!

Full. What?

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