Friday, May 25, 2012

In the New YORK #9: Art of Dining

I often write/talk/blog/post/tweet about my love for museums, especially the amazing museums that are right in my NYC backyard (one even closer than others). By the end of this phase of my New Things journey, I want to hit at least 10 new museums. And I will, but there's no reason I can't enjoy some new features of the ones I've already been to. For that reason, and also because I was hungry, I went on a mini museum food tour. Cousin Cat has the inside track on tons of great NYC restaurants, including Untitled at The Whitney and The Modern at MoMA, both of which we hit in one day. Neither meal had much to do with fine art, which is perfectly acceptable. The incredible food speaks for itself, and too many reminders that we're actually in a museum would make the place seem thematic or cheesy. A few days after the Whitney/MoMA double whammy, Husband and I hit the Met Museum for a members-only showing of the Steins Collection, after which we hit the Petire Court cafe for breakfast with a view of Central Park to the west and the skylit entrance to the American Wing to the east. Out of all of these places, The Met was the only place we saw any art, which only means I have a reason to go back to the Whitney and the Moma! For the purposes of this blog, I will likely be wearing roller skates or riding a horse. So stay tuned.

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