Saturday, September 1, 2012

In the New YORK: #10-14

In the New YORK: The Summer Round-Up Part 1!
So this whole "I'm doin' it for ME" element of this version of the project has accidentally resulted in secret new things: I'm doing them, but nobody knows! Turns out a lot of them had to do with theater. In fact, this installment of catch-up posts is only about theater, and future posts will be about something else. Hopefully things like cop ride-alongs, long walks along the subway tracks and sewer rat adoption. But seriously, when you're a Californian theater-nerd NYC transplant, The Great White Way is one of the city's biggest draws. So this new year-long project gave me an excuse to experience as much of it as possible.

#10: Saw Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. This is probably my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and I hadn't heard some of the music in almost 20 years.
#11: Saw the limited-run play Magic/Bird on Broadway. An unlikely Broadway entry, it's about the friendship of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. I, and the disproportionate number of father/son pairs in the audience, actually really liked it.
#12: Saw Newsies: The Musical. Oddly enough, on Broadway! Cousin Cat and I had each been obsessed with the movie as tweens, and the stage version, with all its dancing, crazy talented men and new songs, did not disappoint.
#13: Saw Harvey on Broadway. Another play! This classic from the 1950s starred The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons as Elwood P. Down, whose best friend is a 6'4" imaginary rabbit, and Jessica "seriously, give this woman a Tony" Hecht as his nutty sister. I saw it with my husband and my BFF Joe the Giant Ostrich.
#14: Finally, finally finally got to see some Shakespeare in the Park! This summer's offerings were As You Like It and Into the Woods. Husband and I saw the latter, which is, yes, Sondheim and not Shakespeare, in the outdoor amphitheater, complete with a trees-and-castle backdrop in the middle of Central Park.